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In our opinion, besides forBET the best legal bookmaker in Poland. We can guarantee that when you sign up for both of these bookmakers you will have access to an online offering that stands on a high European level. Capital stability ensures that Fortuna Entertainment Group is the largest mutual fund group in Central and Eastern Europe and that FORTUNA shares are listed on the WSE. The bookmaker also legalni bukmacherzy has one of the visually better starter panels. The importance of the authority of this bookmaker to apply for online activities may be best illustrated by the fact that FORTUNA was the first in Poland to offer online and live betting. For this you need to add one of the best startup bonuses 400 PLN on the deposit and 120 PLN on the plant without risk. It also looks good in the smartphone app, but this is in the following sections.


The FORTUNA’s great plus is the look of the website. In almost every review of bookmakers operating legally on the online market in Poland we had a problem with giving a good rating for the look and functionality of the site. FORTUNA is a positive exception in this case, its graphic design is in no way divergent from the high standard set by the biggest foreign players. At the start you will receive the most important information for the players, day events, graphical info about bonuses, loyalty accounts and mobile applications. In this way FORTUNA avoided the most serious mistake of other legal bookmakers, ie reload content at the very start.

Rich markets are also offered by FORTUNA. You will not have trouble finding all the most popular games, leagues and teams. Of course, there were also special establishments for non-sports events such as the Grammy Awards and the Oscars. Younger tipsters will be happy to be able to play League of Legends and other e-sports.


Together with FORTUNA we have prepared a special promotion for new players that you start by going to the bookmaker from our promotional link and entering a special registration code. This will allow you to become an exclusive player and receive a bonus that is higher than the standard. Registering without a promotional code will cost you 100 PLN, but with our code you will get 120 PLN for a risk-free bet. The difference is small, but with the right odds you can significantly increase your winnings. This is not all the promotions you will get with the bonus code Fortuna. There is a bonus of 100% up to $ 100 for your first deposit. Fortuna bonus code promotion is the highest on the market. Below we present a screen with the correct promotional code and the answer to the most frequently asked questions.


Legal bookmakers should take FORTUNA in the topic of the mobile application. Android and Apple iOS users can install a mobile app on their smartphones that includes all the necessary functionality. It can be seen that the bookmaker team has put in a lot of work to make navigation not a problem, and making vouchers was enjoyable. Live Match Tracker allows you to keep track of live scores with access to advanced statistics such as service aces, double service errors, etc. The application is compatible with smartwatches, so if you turn on the notification service, coupon information will also be displayed on the display without having to enter. to the application. If you want to make a quick bet, you’ll just keep the course you’re interested in.


The bookmaker’s fee in Fortune is similar to that offered by other legal bookmakers in Poland. Slightly better odds are only totals – and this is only for some sports events. The commission is about 10%, ie in case of equal chances the odds will be 1.80 instead of 2.00. This is a rather European average. It is worth checking the odds on the superoferta tabs, hit the day and duel, because you can hit the highest odds on the market of legal bookmakers.


Fortuna, in contrast to the STS and Totolotka, offers quite favorable odds in terms of bonuses and betting odds, but in the second part of our review definitely stands out from the best legal bookmakers on the market. These shortcomings caused Fortuna to be placed in the 3rd position of our ranking. In our opinion, this type of service should not take place if you want to seriously affect the online betting market, and even more so if it is too weak if the market is decided to join such players as bet365 or williamhill.



At this point, we will devote a little more space to assess customer service in Fortuna. According to our premise, when writing reviews, we reviewed several times how customer service works. We have rather positive opinions about Fortuny’s support, but unfortunately it is not ideal. There is definitely no possibility of contact by live chat and we can contact only through the contact form. However, the form works very well and we have been given complete answers to the questions we asked about placing bets outside of Poland. The second time we asked for a bonus turn, we also received a simple and understandable answer. Just like in the case of the STSs, there is only contact by telephone. This option is a standard among foreign operators so it is a pity that in this area Fortuna has not even reached the top of European bookmakers. Our attention has been paid to a very extensive FAQ in which you will most certainly find answers to most questions. This may have led to the final lack of live chat.


As we have previously written that graphic design is plus Fortune, the graphic design of live betting still leaves much to be desired. Live betting is unfortunately another weak point in Fortuna’s offer. There are fewer live events and a slightly wider range of events available. A useful option is the multiview, where you can put several events in one box. This makes betting easier and more transparent. It is worth noting that you have access to NBA meetings as part of the television broadcast.


The weakest part of Fortuna’s offer is the method of payment. At the bottom of the page we have the characters of many banks, with which we can pay and withdraw money at this bookmaker, but in vain to look for the most famous payment platforms such as skrill, PayU, bank transfer, etc. The account can be recharged only by bank transfer. Most deposits are actually booked online, but you could use a credit card or Internet wallet to make a deposit. As for online posting it only works during banking hours, and unfortunately some banking platforms are off at night or on weekends (including the very popular mBank).

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