Bet Levels on casino slots

A Bet Level is very similar to the Coin Value of a wager legalny bukmacher, and as such it is very easy to mistake the two as being one and the same thing.


However, there is a particular difference between them that makes distinguishing between them necessary.

Changing your Bet Level is a way of multiplying your coin value in terms of increments. This gives you a certain flexibility you won’t get by simply dealing in Coin Values. For example, if your base increment is €0.20, you can multiply the value by 2 to wager €0.40 – which is great since there’s no €0.40 coin in reality.

One of the most enjoyable aspects about playing online slots is that there’s a lot of potential reward without too much effort required from the player’s end. Online slots are usually very simple to play – after all, every round is just a click of a button away.

However, some of the jargon we use for slot games can get a bit confusing, which is why we’ve whipped up ‘Casino School’, a series of 6 articles that provide a glossary of sorts for you to consult before you delve deeper into the world of slots. Betting blindly is not something we’d ever recommend, but if you take the time to familiarise yourself with some key terms, you’ll understand how everything works in no time at all.

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